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1971, New York City. Trash piles up on the streets, crime is at an all-time high, the city is going bankrupt, and a shooting war has broken out between the NYPD and the Black Liberation Army. Furniture store owner and ex-fence Ray Carney is trying to keep his head down, his business up and his life straight. But then he needs Jackson 5 tickets for his daughter May and he decides to hit up an old police contact, who wants favours in return.
For Ray, staying out of the game gets a lot more complicated - and deadly.


'Whether in high literary form or entertaining, page-turner mode, the man is simply incapable of writing a bad book' IAN WILLIAMS, GUARDIAN

'Crook Manifesto gave me something I had missed in recent reading: joy' TELEGRAPH

Colson WHITEHEAD - Crook Manifesto

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    juillet 2023

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